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Post Construction Cleaning

VIP Cleaning Company specializes in Post Construction cleanings. We have years of experience handling these special projects ranging from restaurants, factories, medical facilities, power plants, residential buildings and more. We understand how complex these projects can be and having an experience company like us will make all the difference in achieving the best results. We work with you creating a detailed scope of work that we will follow. We have all the necessary equipment including floor scrubbers, power washers, floor buffers and all the tools needed to complete the project in a timely manner. 


Floor Scrubbing:

Automatic floor scrubbers, also known as auto scrubbers, are a type of floor cleaning machine that are used to scrub a floor clean of all types of debris, dust, oil, grease or floor marks. This is usually crucial in a post construction cleaning project.

Floor Buffing:

After a post construction cleaning its usually best to use a buffing machine which has a wide range of uses and that’s why it’s one of the main pieces of equipment in any professional or commercial cleaner’s set of tools.

  • A floor machine can be used for jobs like:

  • Bonnet cleaning carpets

  • Strip coatings off floors

  • Scrubbing floors

  • Tile and Grout cleaning

  • Stripping wax off floors

  • Cleaning, scrubbing & polishing floors

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Carpet Cleaning:

Sometimes things get messy after a post construction cleaning and many clients request a deep carpet cleaning which is designed to remove deep embedded dirt and stains in carpets, that leave the space smelling brand new!

Final Phase of Post Construction cleaning:

The final phase is the most important. This is when the project is ready to open up for business and we ensure that everything meets the highest standards before we leave including a final walk through. We provide the team, equipment, trash removal, we work around your schedule and we are fully insured.

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