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Turnover Services

Welcome to VIP Cleaning Company, your premier destination for expert turnover services tailored for college campuses, apartment buildings, student housing, management companies, and beyond. Our specialized expertise encompasses a comprehensive range of services, including deep cleaning, carpet shampooing, strip/wax treatments, paint and patching, and much more. Trust us to transform your spaces with precision and efficiency, ensuring a seamless turnover process every time. We have all the staff and equipment necessary to complete your project in a timely manner.

Cleaning Tables

Deep Cleaning

Our experienced team goes above and beyond to ensure every inch of your property is immaculate and ready for its next occupants. From meticulously scrubbing bathrooms and bedrooms to revitalizing living rooms, no area is overlooked. We specialize in appliance deep cleanings, tackling stoves, ovens, refrigerators, and more to restore them to like-new condition. With a proven track record of excellence, you can trust VIP Cleaning Company to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Paint and Patching:

 We understand the importance of maintaining an inviting atmosphere in your commercial spaces. Our specialized turnover services offer painting, touch-ups and patching, ensuring a seamless transition between occupants. With our dedicated team and attention to detail, we will leave your spaces looking refreshed and revitalized, ready to welcome new tenants or clients with confidence and pride.

paint and patching

Carpet Cleaning:

After a tenant departs, spaces can often bear the marks of their occupancy. That's where VIP Cleaning Company steps in. Our specialized deep carpet cleaning service is designed to tackle even the most stubborn dirt and stains, revitalizing your space and leaving it smelling as fresh as the day it was first occupied. At VIP Cleaning Company, we're committed to restoring your property to its best possible condition, ensuring it's ready to welcome its next inhabitant with a sense of pristine cleanliness and renewed allure.

Appliance Cleaning

At VIP Cleaning Company, we go beyond surface cleaning to ensure every aspect of your commercial space is immaculate, including your appliances. Our comprehensive turnover services include expert cleaning of ovens and refrigerators, where we meticulously remove grease, grime, and buildup from every nook and cranny. With specialized techniques and eco-friendly products, we deep clean these appliances, restoring them to a sparkling, like-new condition. Whether it's tackling stubborn stains inside the oven or eliminating odors from the refrigerator, our dedicated team ensures that your appliances not only look pristine but also function at their best

Cleaning a Gas Stove
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